[Short] How perfectionist content creators can break through writer’s block

A couple of clients of mine, both creative types, suffer from a specific type of writer’s block. It’s not that they don’t have ideas, it’s that they can’t execute on them without tonnes of procrastination.

They go to write something, start thinking about people who might read their creation, and then perfectionism overcomes them and it just takes them too long to get it done.

When we dig into this kind of perfectionism, what we find is they’re imagining the resistance and objections that they might get from certain people. They’re trying to create content that will prevent any resistance and convince everyone successfully.

But of course, there are 7 billion people on the planet. Every single one of them has a different take on what’s right and good. No matter how you put something, you’re going to get resistance, whether it’s rational or not.

So if you pressure yourself to create something that no one will hate or disagree with, you’ll never get off the start line.

Confident people make content for someone rather than against someone. They think, “There is one person who loves what I’m going to say and really needs to hear it, so I’ll make it for that dude”.

Perfectionists obsess over the few people who might disagree with them.

The “do it for one fan” approach is much easier for getting stuff done.

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  1. A workaround is first you create the content to send to just one person (no plan to publish it publicly). Then, once it’s done, you can decide if you also want to publish it.

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