[Short] How perfectionism sabotages the efforts of achieving nice guys

High-achieving Nice Guys have a particular trait that holds them back more than just about anything else.

It’s a kind of perfectionism, where if something doesn’t go really well right away, they already start to think that it’s not right for them or that they’re not good at it, and they start looking for new ideas (and eventually give up).

This comes from the belief in a “smooth problem free life”.

Whenever something doesn’t immediately feel smooth and easy, we assume we’re doing it wrong and start looking for alternatives. We even feel our original passion for the idea fade away almost to nothing.

There’s a way to break this little curse:

The rule of 100.

If this is you, then make a rule that you’re only allowed to give up on something that you were originally passionate about and thought would be a good idea after you’ve tried it at least a hundred times.

Complete 100 HIIT workouts.

Make 100 honest sales calls.

Approach 100 strangers.

Sit through 100 guitar lessons.

Once you’ve done 100, you can be sure that your decision to continue or stop will be rational rather than based in pointless perfectionism. Your results will be scientifically valid, and therefore you can trust your feelings about what to do next.

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  1. I’m currently doing this with creating courses, to complete 100 or focus on them for 5 years, whichever happens first. Already I’m wishing I’d done this sooner!

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