[Short] How confident people respond to unwanted invitations

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One of the big differences, you’ll notice between confident people and People Pleasers, is that People Pleasers don’t think that them wanting something or not wanting something is a good enough reason for a decision to be made. So for example, if you get invited to a dinner and you don’t want to go that’s not enough for not going, you have to add more to it. You have to make something up like you’re feeling sick, or you end up going because you can’t think of something better, you can’t think of a better reason not to go. Whereas for a confident person if they don’t want to go to something, they don’t even need to explain it, they don’t need to justify it, that’s a good enough reason not to. So if you want to become more confident, start treating your preferences as a high priority. Treat what you want as a good enough reason.

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