[Short] Green Light Syndrome: the People Pleaser’s invisible barrier to success

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Green light syndrome is a term that I made up because I’ve got a big ego that describes the tendency that nice guys have to wait for permission and encouragement before initiating any form of action. Whether it’s initiating in the bedroom or applying for a job or even going at a give way sign. They kind of wait for some sort of sign from the world that this is going to be okay, that it won’t be rejected, that they’re not breaking any rules. And they end up being very passive. Anybody who’s been in a relationship with a nice guy will tell you that they end up having to do all the leading because the guy just sits there doing nothing, waiting to be told. This is where confidence dies, in this passive waiting room. If you want to be confident, you have to take risks, you have to go first, you have to face rejection, or otherwise you’re going to lose who You are.

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