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When we were traveling to Mexico, our flight was delayed and we had to catch a connecting flight, and it look like we’re going to miss it. We’re rushing through the airport and then we got to the customs queue and it was huge. We could just tell by looking at it, we weren’t going to make it in time, but my wife who’s bolder and matters like this than I am went to the dude at the front who was taking tickets and said, how can you help us? The guy huffed and puffed a little bit and then he let us go down the first class business line, and we went right to the front, and the guy there didn’t have a problem with that either. And so we skipped the massive queue and we just made our flight on time. It’s amazing to me how often we don’t ask. How often we don’t find out if there’s an advantage or an easier way or a quicker way, simply because we’re ashamed. We’re scared that we’ll be wrong or scared that somebody will say no, that people will judge us. And I encourage you go out there and risk getting that no Because you’re probably missing out.

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