[Short] Do you suffer from the fear of being noticed?

There’s a kind of superstition that you’ll see often in people, maybe even in yourself, where you don’t want to try too hard to achieve something great. You don’t want to celebrate something, you don’t want to hope for something in the future.

Because it feels like you’re tempting the Gods, like you’re provoking Fate.

It’s a semi-conscious belief that if you get noticed trying or wanting that something will come and squash you. A fear of being noticed.

You play down compliments. You avoid goal-setting and long term dreams. You don’t dare to say what you hope for out loud. You feel an immediate sense of threat when you declare that things will turn out fine.

What you might not realise is that this is a manifestation of Toxic Shame.

Toxic Shame is when you believe that there’s something fundamentally wrong or broken within you.

And one of the external perspectives by which it manifests is this belief that the universe is “out to get you”. If you make too much noise and get seen, the universe will crush you.

You have to understand that this is completely irrational superstition based on toxic shame.

Sure, you’ll have “evidence” of the times you wished for something and “it all went wrong”. But this is merely confirmation bias combined with self-fulfilling prophecy, i.e. you only remember when things don’t work out, and you actually sabotage your efforts to ensure this bad result.

If you build your self-confidence, this fear of being noticed goes away. You start living by your values with more courage, and you’ll notice that the universe doesn’t much bother with you one way or another.


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