[Short] Do you always obey your own mind?

There’s a strange thing that very few people seem to know about themselves: you can disobey your own mind.

Just because you have a thought that sounds like an instruction doesn’t mean you’re forced to act on it. Just because you’re feeling angry doesn’t mean you need behave aggressively. Just because you don’t real feel like doing something doesn’t mean you’re unable do it.

The way most people live is they take their mind’s urges and instructions and commands as infallible truths, and they just do what their mind tells them to do. They take their mind seriously.

Sometimes they put up a little bit of a fight, but all that does is end up in an internal argument where ‘you’ lose on some sort of ‘rational’ point.

Very few people understand that you can control your body regardless of how you think or feel, regardless of how little motivation you have.

You can always make yourself do the right thing.

So your brain can say, “You must eat the pizza”, and you can just not eat the pizza. Your brain can say, “Don’t confront that person”, and you can go up to them – maybe with a bit of a shaky voice – and tell them what’s up.

You can disobey your mind. Once you realize you have this power, you become limitless.

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  1. Talking yourself OUT of doing the RIGHT thing is a similarly common issue. Again, you’re listening to your mind, but this time it’s to the counterarguments against valued living. If you notice a pattern of this, maybe you need to act more quickly on your impulses!

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