[Short] Destroy your marriage with this 2 step Nice Guy recipe!

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Here’s a recipe to destroy your marriage. Step 1: become resentful, because you tell yourself a story that your partner is in some way unfair, like they have it easier than you or they’re not doing what you want them to do, even though you haven’t told them and so on so forth. So you start the story and you build up resentment. Eventually that resentment builds over time because you’re not confronting or being honest with yourself about the truth of the matter and you build up to something called contempt! Contempt is where you look down on the other person, that eye rolling feeling. Once you get there, there almost nothing that anyone can do to save that relationship. It’s almost impossible to break that. So if you want to have a good healthy marriage that lasts or a long-term relationship, you need to be dealing with resentment at its smallest possible level, no matter how petty it seems you need to bring it up because otherwise it’s a death sentence.

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