[Short] Dealing with manipulators who make false accusations

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One classic tactic that manipulators use is accusations, making unfair accusations. It’s a great distraction. When you’re accusing someone of something or where you’re challenging them on their behavior, they’ll make a big accusation against you. A scary one and it’s often so offensive or so threatening that we don’t see the truth. And that is when somebody tries to accuse you of something, unfairly and unreasonably, you get a great insight into their own behaviour. Because the most likely thing they’ll accuse you of is something that they themselves are doing, because of a bias/heuristic where you’re going to think of something that comes to mind easily, you can’t help it. People will generally make false accusations based on the kind of behavior they think about a lot and that they are familiar with. So if someone accuses you of lying, they’re probably lying to you. If they accuse you of cheating they’re probably betraying you and so on.

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