[Short] Burning off my wart: A lesson in self care

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I had a wart burned off my finger yesterday, and I’m a “highly sensitive person” so it hurt like a mofo.

It was pretty symbolic of what real self-care looks like.

People often think of self-care as sitting around eating chips, watching Netflix, being comfortable and enjoying yourself. And this is occasionally the best self-care option (but nowhere near as often as you want it to be).

Usually what self-care means is doing something that’s good for you but that’s also a hassle, uncomfortable, and painful.

It will hurt more than you want it to, but less than your maximum threshold of pain. What I mean by that is it always hurts to take care of yourself, and you always wish it didn’t hurt that much, but you can actually handle how much it hurts.

Eating healthy doesn’t taste as delicious and doesn’t kill your sugar cravings completely, but you can handle it.

Exercise hurts more than chilling on the sofa, but you can handle it.

Confronting your partner about their annoying habits is unpleasant compared to just smiling like things are fine, but you can handle it.

And if you’re willing to go through with these small discomforts, you end up with the long term gratification of being in good health, psychologically, socially and physically.

So go “burn” whatever it is you need to get burned and just deal with the pain because you’ll be glad you did it later.

You’re caring for your future self, not your current one.

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