[Short] Both Introverts AND Extroverts Can Suffer from Socially Anxiety

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Both the extroverts and introverts can be socially anxious. See introversion and extraversion are personality traits. They’ve got nothing to do with self-confidence in any objective correlation or fashion. See if you’re shy, that means you’re introverted with social anxiety. And if you’re a show-off who seeks attention, that means your extroverted with social anxiety. So, rather than focusing on trying to become extroverted or introverted, or whatever, focus on building confidence and you do that by getting in touch with your core values and living with more integrity and doing things that are brave. If you’re introverted being brave means speaking up, and if you’re extroverted being brave means slipping back into the background sometimes. Both of these things can be worked on, but you just got to see if what it is. It’s just social anxiety.

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