[Short] Being attractive is easier than you think

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Many of you have heard the old sage advice that when you stop trying to get a partner, that’s when one will come into your life.

This “advice” usually just frustrates people because they’ve “given up” plenty of times and it’s never “worked”.

This is because very few people understand what this advice is really saying and why certain people suddenly find love and friendship after giving up the struggle.

It’s because of non neediness.

See, we are naturally attracted to each other. There’s 8 billion people on this planet. We clearly like touching each other. That’s not a problem.

It’s not hard to be attractive. You don’t really need to do much at all.

But when you’re needy you become unattractive. That’s why “giving up” as a strategy doesn’t work – because you’re still needy. You haven’t yet truly embraced being single forever and living your best life.

So your biggest problem is pushing people away, and when you stop trying to make people like you and stop trying to make people attracted to you and stop desperately needing a partner in your life, then you remove that repulsion and people can become attracted to you easily.

The difficulty is you can’t fake this. If you try to “use” non neediness to become attractive, that desire for the outcome remains and it makes you needy again.

Of course, neediness isn’t necessarily a death sentence. People do still find partners when they’re needy. But they usually find other needy people and therefore risk starting an incompatible relationship or one of mutual toxicity.

If you commit to making the most of your life as a single or alone person, yet still actively socialise and connect with people (without trying to make anything happen), you’ll discover that you really are attractive to certain people.

Hey, it worked for me and I look like a potato.

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