[Short] Being a good person doesn’t prevent bad luck

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A lot of you will have a belief, often a subsconscious belief, that luck is somehow representative of how well you’re doing. So if you have a lot of good luck it’s because you’ve been a good person, if you have a lot of bad luck it’s because you’ve been a bad person. And what this ends up manifesting as is when things go a bit wrong for you and you have some bad luck, when even though you’re doing everything right things go wrong, you’ll start to blame yourself. You’ll start to question, why did this happen? And you’ll get in this ruminating phase of trying to figure it all out because deep down you’re assuming that you must be living wrong, when in fact bad luck lands on everybody. Now, if there’s a long term pattern of bad luck that is probably your behaviour, but if some things just bother you… well that’s just fucking life!

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