[Short] Before dumping your girlfriend for being dishonest… WATCH THIS!

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A Brojo member recently wrote a post saying that he’s walked away from a couple of great relationships because the other person told small, white lies, little things to protect themselves from embarrassment and so on. And he wants to draw a hard line around honesty and integrity, he thinks it’s a deal breaker. Now, the way I interpret this is this is actually an avoidant attachment issue where he set his standards so inhumanly high that nobody can meet them and it’s a secret strategy to protect himself from actually getting into a relationship. And now while integrity and honesty of course is important in a relationship. It’s not so much about them being perfect but how they respond to being called out on the lie. So if they do tell a small lie, call them out on it and if they’re willing to work on it and become more honest, then they’re facing in the right direction. If they’re not willing to work on it, then you walk away.

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