[Short] Are you SURE that making other people happy is a good thing to do??

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Nice guys like to tell themselves that there’s nothing wrong with making other people happy. And they like to use that word – “making” – as in force. As in manipulating other people to have an emotion that you prefer. See we think, if other people are happy, then they’re having a good life and we’ve done a good thing by making them feel that way. And we overlook the fact that we’ve only done this because we prefer them feeling that way. It’s nicer for us. It’s not about their benefit but our comfort. See a human being needs the full range of emotions to totally process life and to have a rich and meaningful life. They need sadness, and anger, and confusion for many reasons. And we deprive them of those emotions when we make them happy. So it’s not loving and giving to make people happy. It’s selfish.

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