[Short] Are you a teen Andrew Tate fan? Watch THIS before you worship him

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Look, if you’re a teen guy, I can see why you’re into Andrew Tate. I would have been to back in the day. The problem is we don’t have good strong male role models these days that are easy to find. And we’re left with all these kind of soft woke pathetic representations of men. So I’m going to quickly give you a list of 10 that you can go look up who are not insecure psychopaths like Andrew Tate. Guys that you can follow who will lead you to a healthy life. Jordan Pederson, Denzel Washington, David Goggins, Matthew McConnaughey, Andrew Huberman, Derren Brown, and the philosophers: Christopher Hitchens, Alan Watts, Marcus Aurelius, Sun Tzu. All of these guys, they’re hard, they’re strong, but they’re also healthy. They’re great masculine role models, check them out.

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  1. Dan, thanks a 1001 time for this and for your longer explanation of the trap behind A.n.drew_Ta.Te (this is spelled thusly for a reason 😉). If you allow me, I would like to share this with my 24 students at a our class session. It’s getting really scary the way this person is being worshipped by my class of just-turning-18 engineering students, and I feel the need to do something.
    Greetings from Slovenia,

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