[Short] An easier way to make hard decisions

When trying to make even basic decisions, it can become really confusing in your mind when you start to ask questions like what’s right versus wrong? What’s good versus bad?

This morality model of making decisions is actually really unhelpful. There are too many possible answers.

If you want to be able to make decisions quicker, decisions that you feel sure about and that you don’t regret in the future, you need to start with a different model:

Helpful vs Harmful.

First, you need to figure out a goal for the situation you’re in. Once you have a goal, it’s relatively simply to measure which actions will help or harm the achievement of the goal.

So before you make a decision, you gotta ask yourself, What’s the point of this? What’s the main goal? Where do I want to end up?

Your goal might be transactional, like I wish to buy a car. The goal might be value-based, like I wish to be honest, or I want to live with integrity. You can even have a grander goal about the overall person you’d like to be, like a confident person.

And then you can ask, of the possible options, what’s helpful to that goal and what’s harmful to that? rather than getting bogged down in the morality of right vs wrong.

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