She CRUSHED me! Dealing with rejection from a high value woman

When I was just 14 years old and had no experience dealing with rejection, I asked out the prettiest girl in school. This girl was what we all thought of as a high value women, so I was definitely out of my league and didn’t expect a Yes. However, the brutality of her No shocked me, and led to a fear of rejection and ‘approach anxiety’ that kept me in the friendzone for over a decade…

Despite all the relationship advice and dating advice for men there is out there, most people still just don’t know how to deal with rejection. Single men from all over the world struggle to understand why they find it so damned difficult to overcome their social anxiety and just tell women how they feel.

Dating advice for women isn’t much better. Finding high value men who aren’t afraid to be honest and just go for what they want is as difficult for women as expressing attraction is for men. Most of the classic dating tips out there for women and men alike are based on some fantasy world where everyone is kind to each other, or they advocate for deceit and manipulation, which might get you laid but prevents deep, trusting connections from forming.

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