Shared Coaching

What is shared coaching?

Shared coaching is a program that allows my coaching clients to share their sessions with each other and benefit from each other’s experience. You also get access to a private WhatsApp group chat, where you can share advice, lessons, experiences, and general conversation with my other clients.

If you are choosing the Monthly Coaching option (i.e. just a single 1:1 session per month), then you must participate in the shared coaching program. If you’re receiving 2 or more sessions per month, then participation is optional.

There are no extra charges or fees for participating.

Each client chooses a 1:1 confidence coaching session to share. This call is recorded (audio only) and the recording goes into a shared Dropbox folder. All members of the shared coaching group will then be able to access the recording and listen to the session. There are usually about 10 people in the group at any given time.

The sessions are only kept in the Dropbox folder for 1 month before they are permanently deleted, and there are no names or identification of any kind in the file names etc. – it’s basically anonymous. The links to the sessions are emailed privately to the group members every week, and labelled with the topic of the conversation, e.g. “Confronting my boss about his unfairness”, so you know which ones are worth listening to for you.

Why choose this option?

You get access to multiple sessions per month from other members who are similar to yourself (this group is exclusively for Nice Guys and people pleasers trying to become more authentic and confident). You’ll find that they have similar issues, life history, goals and dreams to you, yet will be addressing these from a different perspective – asking different questions and tackling slightly different barriers.

This way you get more insight into your own journey without needing to cover it all in your own personal sessions with Dan.

This option is for people who:

  • want the benefits of more frequent coaching sessions for free (particularly those who can only afford 1 personal session per month)
  • like to help others through sharing their own journey
  • want to hear what others like them are doing about similar issues, and want to hear about issues that they also have but didn’t have time to cover in their own sessions
  • learn effectively from listening to other people being coached, e.g. podcast enthusiasts
  • Enjoy being part of a community of recovering Nice Guys and people pleasers


We have two options for monthly clients (Shared Coaching is free for more frequent clients):

  • 1x 60-90 min Unlimited coaching session per month – $500 USD / month
  • 1x 30 min Rapid coaching session per month – $250 USD / month

Both options come with full free access to all my online courses and my monthly Integrity Army group coaching session, as well as online support via messenger and email with Dan in between sessions.

How to I sign up?

Just contact Dan and let him know that you’re keen:


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