Safety Net: Meaning and Problems

A lot of people like to use what they call a “safety net”. ‘

Having a safety net means having a kind of backup option when you go to try something new so that if it doesn’t work out you can go back to the first thing.

It’s like applying for a job while you keep your current job, or trying to meet new people while you keep your current partner, or allowing your parents to will pay for things if shit doesn’t work out.

It seems like a good option.

But there’s 2 major problems with having a safety net.

Firstly it keeps you in “maybe”. You’re not fully committed to the new thing, and as I often say, “maybe as where confidence goes to die”. You can only feel confident if you’re all in or all out on a decision, and a safety net keeps you halfway in.

The second thing is complacency. The highest performance you can get out of human being is when their back is to the wall, when they must act in order to survive. And you’ll never get to see that level of performance from yourself when you have a safety net.

Most of you have never seen what great achievements you’re capable of because you play it too safe.

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  1. All the best things I’ve ever done follow the principle of going all in (burn the boats behind you)

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