Radical Honesty vs Telling the Truth: The Definition of Integrity

Most people think of themselves as honest simply because they don’t lie very often. Unfortunately, there is a BIG difference between BEING honest and USING honesty to get an outcome. If you truly want to live with integrity, you’ll need to know how to be honest rather than just using it as a strategy that feeds your neediness.

If your neediness is causing you to experience relationship problems even though you feel like you are telling the truth most of the time, you’ve probably fooled yourself into thinking that you’re an honest person when you’re really just a truthful person. This is better than being a liar, but it’s not the same as being powerfully honest.

What is morality? What does it mean to do the right thing? Is it ok to be dishonest? Can you have integrity without full honesty? These are ultimately philosophical questions that we each need to figure out for ourselves when deciding the kind of communication in relationships that we think is best.

Radical honesty is more than just telling the truth. If you want to learn how to make friends or how to be a better friends, then you’ll need more radical honesty in relationships and friendships, rather than playing it safe with intellectualised truth-telling or hiding behind vague facts and figures.

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