Pt 4: Minimum Required Involvement

Enjoy this 7 part series on Advanced Time Management!

Minimum Required Involvement

Focusing on the lower rated tasks now, you’ll already have noticed that some of them are things you still “must” do. You’ll have contractual obligations at work, or promises you’ve made, or basic maintenance tasks that can’t be left undone forever.

However, all of these have a minimum required involvement. There’s the very least you can do to keep those ships afloat and not get into major trouble.

Your boss might want you to attend all meetings, but what does your contract say, specifically? Only attend those meetings and do the tasks you’ve undeniably agreed to or must attend for the sake of keeping your job.

Yeah, the house needs to be cleaned sometimes. But every day? Every room? Right now? Probably not.

Look at those tasks that aren’t highly rated but you believe you have no choice, identify what the least possible involvement you can get away with is, and make a commitment to pull away as much as you can.

Note: you’ll have limiting beliefs that have you thinking a lot of tasks are “must do” when actually nothing all that bad happens if you don’t. Challenge yourself to provide proof that a thing must be done.

Stay tuned for Part 5!

2 Responses

  1. Yes, some people might be “disappointed” by your reduction in effort, but does that actually harm your life? If not, go for it

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