Pt 3: Maximum Efficiency Point

Enjoy this 7 part series on Advanced Time Management!

Maximum Efficiency Point

The MEP is the least you can do an activity to get good enough results. Anything past the MEP is either a waste of time or actually starts doing damage.

A lot of wasted time comes from overdoing tasks – aiming for perfection where good enough would serve the same purpose. Advanced time optimization comes from letting go of your image as a perfect person and becoming an efficient person instead. Start learning to become proud of getting what needs to be done as efficiently as possible, walking the shortest path, rather than showing off with pointless maximization.

We go slower from overdoing things. There are certain tasks that get worse as you overdo them, like overthinking a drawing until it’s ruined, or talking too much and losing the other person’s interest, or putting too many flavours into a dish. Often, “peak performance” does not mean doing as much as you possibly can. Experts show restraint.

If your muscles are sore after a workout, you probably did too much damage. Reduce the duration of your time at the gym, increase the intensity. There are Mr Universe champions who work out less than 30mins per week – find out what they do.

If you’re writing, edit out all repetitions and only say each point once, with just one example to demonstrate.

If C’s get degrees as well as straight A’s do, then only study enough to pass the exam.

Go through your list – particularly the items that are already highly rated (think: top 20%) – and try to identify the difference between good enough (goal achieved) and too much (excessive effort). Make a note of how to reduce your effort to get the best result.

Stay tuned for Part 4!

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