Proven Strategies To Boost Your Career Progress


I’ve decided to do something special for all of my loyal email subscribers, I’m going to share some secret career strategies with you all. These aren’t going to go on my blog, or Facebook, or anywhere else. They’re all yours, just for supporting me.

How cool are you?!?!

While my coaching is based a lot around re-framing beliefs, self-motivation techniques, and planning, there are also some specialty areas where I give good old-fashioned straight up advice. What I consider to be my biggest expert-area is how to become asset to the company. Or as I like to say:

“Become a weapon of mass destruction!”


OK I don’t actually say that but I’m going to start saying it from now on!

Let me ask you this:

  • Do you ever suspect that the reason most people get to move up is because of who they know?
  • Do you see people in the positions/roles/jobs you want and get frustrated because you know you could do it better?
  • Do you crave a job where you can have a big impact and influence things, really put the world right and share your magic?

Well if so, you’re just like me!! And I know what it’s like to have big dreams but feel really unsure about whether or not I’m on the right path to achieve them, as well as feeling like I’m not getting the feedback I need to move forward.

Over time I have figured out what no-one else is telling you about how to move up, get promoted, and have a bigger influence… WITHOUT sacrificing your integrity or using backhanded tactics.

So over the next few weeks I will share with you all, in detail, the strategies I have used to take me from an entry-level employee with no leadership experience, to a Senior Advisor responsible for guiding thousands of staff on how to do their job (at double the salary I started on). And guess what… it only took me about 5 years!!


I’m not a genius, or particularly charming, or even the best at what I do. But I moved up quicker than most others, with a SOLID reputation to power my progress.

The secrets behind this success have all been taught to me by experts, or I’ve learned through painful trial and error. These are simply skills you can learn, strategies you can implement, and mistakes you can AVOID.

So keep any eye on these emails, as we go through the following topics. If any of these interest you more, let me know and I’ll prioritise them:

  • Planning your career and making sure you’re on the right track
  • Developing a rock-solid reputation – marketing yourself
  • Managing workplace politics with integrity
  • Finding the feedback you NEED
  • Email do’s and don’ts, and communication techniques for leaders
  • Being a hot contender before you get to the interview
  • Understanding your competition

Get a taste of my career progression tips here

Have a great week folks, I’ll be in touch soon


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