Profit First: Stop doing everything backwards

So often, people go South to get North. They work hard to create a relaxed life. They diet unsustainably to create sustainable health. They are fake to create real connections. It doesn’t make any sense. There must be a better way.
If you want to become someone with a wonderful life, you must ensure that nearly every action you take it pointing in the direction of the ideal life you have in your mind. You can’t get there by doing something that doesn’t support it.
In this video, I’ll help you re-evaluate your daily actions to ensure they are aligned with your core values and vision for the future.

The the Profit First book here.

The 3X Confidence and Authenticity Masterclass Program [Udemy course]
A complete in-depth guide on how to build your confidence by being authentic and living with integrity, following Dan Munro’s secret 3X Confidence formula.

Overcome Your Fear of Rejection… Permanently [Udemy course]
Say goodbye to fear of rejection, approach anxiety, and missing out on opportunities. This quick but thorough course will destroy your limiting beliefs around rejection.

The Legendary Life: Build the Motivation and Confidence to Create an Authentic Lifestyle [book]
Dan’s first book covers a complete blueprint for designing your life in a way that matches your core values, showing you how to overcome fear, set and achieve powerful goals, and build your confidence without needing other people to like you.

Nothing to Lose: Using Curiosity to Destroy Hesitation, Procrastination and Limiting Beliefs [book]
A philosophical examination of the confident mindset, from a scientific and practical viewpoint. This book will help you decode confidence into a set of beliefs and behaviours that you can control.

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