The Secret to What Women REALLY Want From a Man

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Men struggle in dating and relationships to identify what it is exactly that women want from them. We’re told a million different things about what’s attractive and what creates a connection and how to get a girlfriend or how to make a marriage work. Here’s some dating and marriage advice for men: the greatest gift you can give to another person has nothing to do with being impressive. It’s really all about vulnerability and authenticity: letting them into your secret world, where all of your fears and faults are hidden, and allowing them to share theirs in return. It can be as simple as completing a sentence that begins with: “I’ve never told anyone this before, but…” It feels deeply significant and touching when someone shares something that they’ve never revealed to anyone else before. You suddenly have meaning, significance and purpose in your life. You are here to share their secret. You’ve created a connection that can lead to a relationship. And it’s not even relevant whether or not they’ve shared it with others before. What’s most important is that it is a deep truth which brings you together in understanding. You both share what it means to be human.

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