The Religion Of Honesty

After studying and practicing honesty for more than a decade (having spent the prior period of my life being largely dishonest), I’ve come to realise that I’ve actually developed a worship of honesty.

Having experimented with being more honest for such a long time, I’ve arrived at the firm conclusion that “Just be more honest” is the long-term solution to any social issue or self-confidence problem, and it’s become my go-to mantra for solving almost every difficult problem that crosses my path.

Honesty acts like the tip of the arrowhead; if you just focus on being as honest as possible, all the other areas of life follow it to create long term success in a way that’s appropriate for you personally – be it health, career, relationships, and so on. You might not get what you thought you wanted, but you’ll get what you truly need.

This is becoming more fact than opinion. It’s been skeptically tested by myself and hundreds of my clients, alongside many others who I have no personal connection to, and we can also see a growing body of evidence that people living with integrity can demonstrate a measurably higher quality of life, career and relationships than others, especially compared to the opposite end of the spectrum (e.g. criminal offenders and those with severe integrity-repellant Personality Disorders like AntiSocial PD and Narcissistic PD).

Unfortunately very few if any scientific studies have been dedicated to measuring the effect that honesty has on quality of life.

As with all subjective morality, there really is no objective way to say “We must all be honest”. There is evidence to support this claim, just as there is no evidence to support any moral claim, given you start with an unproven assumption, e.g. “that human wellbeing is a good thing”. But such assumptions are subjective – there’s no way to prove that wellbeing is good.

So as much as it pains me to admit it, my worship of honesty is essentially a religious experience.

In this podcast, we explore and introduce the religion of honesty…

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Dan has 3 bestselling non-fiction books available in both written and audio form:

  • The Naked Truth, his latest release, shows you how radical honesty builds self-confidence and relationships
  • Nothing to Lose explores how to build confidence from the inside by correcting the programming in your brain
  • The Legendary Life is a very practical, action-focused guide on how to plan and execute a life plan that brings you your ideal lifestyle

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Dan continues to put out high quality online self-paced courses through the Udemy platform

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