Stuck in the Friendzone?

“No girl friendzones a guy… that cannot happen. A guy friendzones himself, because he’s unwilling to take a risk.”

Are you finding yourself stuck in the friendzone and starting to get a little bitter and resentful about it?

You’re not alone. It seems like there are a million and one articles, podcasts and even books about poor guys getting stuck in the dreaded friendzone.

I’d like to take a different approach to tackle this topic. In this Brojo Online Podcast episode, I explore the dark truth behind these so-called friendships between horny men and oblivious women.

Frustrated that it never seems to go anywhere? Blaming women for not seeing what a catch you are?

Maybe it’s time to consider how you might be getting yourself into the friendzone.

Have a listen if you’re prepared for some hard truths (and simple solutions)…



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