Overcoming Nice Guy Syndrome


Nice Guy Syndrome was first coined as a term by Dr Robert Glover in his game-changing book No More Mr Nice Guy.

I was deeply affected by this way of thinking most of my life. I spent almost every social minute in full people-pleasing mode. I hid “negative” thoughts and feelings from people to avoid upsetting or offending them. I hid sexual attraction because I didn’t want to be seen as a creep. I avoided confrontation because I was terrified of the potential consequences of standing up for what I believed in.

Mostly, I spend all my energy on trying to help people and make them think I was a Nice Guy. I thought this was a healthy way to live; I was proud of myself. But after decades of suffering from burn-out stress, low self-worth, and a complete lack of success with women, I decided I needed a change.

In this Brojo Online Podcast episode, we’ll explore what Nice Guy Syndrome is, how it ruins your enjoyment of life, and how it’s not even nice to be this way! From there we’ll discuss a more compassionate, genuine and confident way to live.

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