Beyond Winning: Escaping the Superficial to Create Meaning in Your Life, with Albert Auger

Pain causes change. Cognitive distortion holds us back. It’s important to know why you do what you do.
These are just a few of the lessons Albert Auger has to share with us today.
Al had 25 years in the commercial real estate business, and was at the top of his game, making lots of money when tragedy struck. He lost his health and family.
Al is the author of the book PURE PROFITS and has been published internationally in over 60 articles. He’s here to tell the story of creating a balanced life, something he learned the hard way from experience.
If anyone contacts Al through LinkedIn and mentions they heard us on this podcast, he is happy to give them a free digital copy of his book or 15 minutes or an email of a specific question they have in real estate or about our podcast:


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