Being Genuine in Sales and Dating, with Dave Schendiman

Both Dave and I have had our business and dating lives transformed by the discovering of just being more honest.

I randomly reached out to Dave on recommendation from one of my coaching clients, and we recorded our first ever conversation. We got straight into the deep stuff FAST. You’d usually have to pay good money to here business and dating tips like this, so enjoy as Dave freely shares his secrets.

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First part is just chat getting to know each other

[11:45] Dave’s money creation game – how to sell by serving people boldly.

[26:40] How being truly giving without neediness creates abundance.

[34:20] Finesse – making big transformation by focusing on small changes.

[38:30] Doing our own inner work – the similarities between running your own business, dating and dancing – the principles of self-development.

[48:00] Learning to accept your true nature – embracing authentic self.

[58:30] Becoming disillusioned with being fake (e.g. PUA) and exploring radical honesty as a way of life.

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