21 Unusual Tips to Succeed at EVERYTHING

When asked, most successful people will tell you a story about how they became successful, but unfortunately it won’t often be true. It will just be what they wished was true, like they worked hard, or were courageous, or broke the rules in some dashing way.

In this podcast, we’ll break down the proven strategies and tactics of success that don’t require any starting advantage and actually align with scientific studies on what makes people successful.

Meta learning
Focus on your strengths
Be lazy (efficient)
Serve consistently, give freely
Shoot out of your league
Quality over quantity
Stop at good enough
Go deep on what you love
Teach what you’ve learned
Serve high quality people
Set very long term goals
Have a high failure rate
Get the right coaches
Create a supportive peer circle
Go against the grain
Get reliable feedback
Make it smaller
Reduce pressure
Make integrity your reason
Make it sustainable
Measure yourself quantitatively

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