14 Ethical Marketing Strategies: Sales Tactics Without Manipulation

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I’ve built a profitable coaching business since 2013 based on my brand of honesty and integrity.

Naturally, in the beginning, this caused me some conflict and ethical dilemmas when it came to sales. The marketing tactics and strategies I was taught often conflicted with my values.

I was told to create scarcity even when there was abundance. I was pressured to give time constraints even when there was plenty of time. I was advised to dig into my client’s pain points when they were already suffering enough.

I thought,

“Surely there’s a way to sell my coaching and products without selling my soul! There must be a way to make my sales targets without being salesy, or pushy, or manipulating in a harmful deceitful way.”

Thankfully, there is.

Selling doesn’t have to include manipulation, game play, seduction, lies, pressure, neediness, cut n paste tactics, focus on money, or selling something you don’t fully believe in.

In this article, I’m going to give you my top tips on how to sell through value-based and relationship-based methods that ensure your client always gets a good deal and you’re honest and transparent throughout the entire process.

Not only is this good for your soul, it’s actually super effective in creating trust-based long term relationships with clients who never feel buyers-remorse, never feel pressured or tricked, and always come out of it better than they went in.


0:00 Intro
02:51 Give freely to create leads
08:43 Explore with them
11:22 Only monetize the main thing
12:58 See it from their perspective
14:36 Be transparent about your goals
17:33 Statements not questions
18:54 Take your time slow down
22:45 Collaborate on solutions
25:18 Slow down on a yes
28:49 Focus on long term relationships
34:00 When it’s time sell shamelessly
36:53 Stay in touch
39:00 Constantly collect feedback
40:43 Conclusion and next steps
22:47 Collaborate on solutions
25:18 Slow down on a yes
28:49 Focus on long term relationships
34:00 When it’s time shamelessly sell

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