You’re Already Where You Need to Be

NOTE: Sound quality is a bit poorer on this one. The “not good enough” story is a manifestation of a deeper belief that many people have: the idea that you’re not “there” yet. It’s a ridiculous concept and yet nearly everyone falls victim to it. In this episode, we explore the fallacy of thinking you’re not already where you need


Authentic Relationship Tips for Nice Guys

In this episode, I dug through the archives to bring you my top 5 pieces on building authentic relationships: – what women really want – nice guys and the women who enable them – how to create an authentic relationship – the difference between a relationship and a connection – honesty in relationships Consider it a starter pack for any


The 15 Top Mistakes People Make in Self-Development

In this episode we cover the top mistakes I’ve seen people make as a coach in their self development journies Brojo Online, with Dan Munro & Mike Wells · [#201] The 15 Top Mistakes People Make in Self-Development 1. The information trap 2. Guru worship – throwing $ at the problem 4. Materialism – attachment to outcomes 5. Chasing abundance


Uncomfortable Truth Bombs for Nice Guys

If you’re a Nice Guy or a people-pleaser, it’s probably time you faced the hard truths about what’s really going on. In this episode, Dan addresses the key elements to this syndrome that you’ll need to work on and overcome if you ever hope to building strong self-confidence, genuine connections, and a meaningful career. >> Listen to the episode on


Advice from A Psychopath: How to Stop Caring What Others Think of You

A few years ago, I was assessed as being highly psychopathic. While I don’t have the traits of lack of conscience and empathy, I am incredibly ruthless and find it easy to influence (manipulate) people. I also used to be obsessed with worrying what other people thought of me, and trying to make them like me. However, I’ve since learned


Defending Sam Harris’ Moral Landscape: The Best Way to Live

I believe Sam Harris’ combination of science and reason to create a moral system we can all follow is simply the most sound way to live that’s ever been proposed in the moral sphere. In this podcast, I explain why I believe we should all follow this system, and how the objection to it from philosophers who quote Hume’s Guillotine


50 Ways That You Undermine Your Confidence

Building confidence is hard enough as it is, so you don’t need to be making it even more challenging by sabotaging your progress through pointless harmful behaviours. In this episode, we look at the most common way that people wreck their own confidence, and how to prevent this from happening. ———————— For more personal support, contact Dan directly with your


The Naked Truth: Monica Lewinsky vs Paris Hilton

In another preview to Dan Munro’s upcoming book The Naked Truth, we analyse the difference between Monica Lewinsky and Paris Hilton with respect to their public sex scandals. Who dealt with it better? Let’s find out. ———————— For more personal support, contact Dan directly with your questions dan@brojo.org If you enjoyed this video, get access to more of BROJO’s content and


How Attachment Styles Control Our Lives, with Dan and Mike

 BROJO Coaches Dan Munro and Mike Wells get together to pontificate on various topics, ranging from morning routines and daily habits through to how your attachment style affects relationships and careers. ———————— For more personal support, contact Dan directly with your questions dan@brojo.org If you enjoyed this video, get access to more of BROJO’s content and dozens of confidence-building online


The Secret to Self Leadership, with Peter Lewis

With 20 years of sterling military service at his back, combined with a love for Stoicism and Iron Man events, leadership coach Peter Lewis has some deep wisdom to impart from his own journey of discovering self-leadership while in the dark depths of depression. Find our more about Peter here.      


Your Partner Is YOU

The people you date and form relationships with are an accurate measurement of your own self-confidence. If you’re finding yourself in a negative pattern in the romantic world – e.g. chronically single, superficial connections, disastrous relationships etc. – the issue is within you. In this episode, we explore different attachment styles and other important factors that determine your dating satisfaction


You’re Not Doing Things for The Right Reasons

Most people are trying their best. Most of you are doing the ‘right’ things, most of the time. However, it still isn’t working out for you. Why? Because while you might be doing the right things, you are probably doing them for the wrong reasons, and as we’ll discuss today, the reason why you do anything is the most important



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