14 Ethical Marketing Strategies: Sales Tactics Without Manipulation

BROJO – Confidence and Integrity for Men! · [#234] 14 Ethical Marketing Strategies: Sales Tactics Without Manipulation Join my free group coaching program for confidence and integrity here: https://theinspirationallifestyle.com/the-integrity-army-free-group-coaching-with-dan-munro/ I’ve built a profitable coaching business since 2013 based on my brand of honesty and integrity. Naturally, in the beginning, this caused me some conflict and ethical dilemmas when it came


Ethical Influence: Can Persuasive Language Be Honest and Healthy?

We are constantly exposed to manipulation and influence from others, and are influencing them in return. Is it possible for this to be healthy and have integrity? Is there such a thing as ethical influencing? In this episode, we explore ethics and tactics in relationships, marketing, and other social interactions, to see if we can be both honest and persuasive.


Energeia Podcast #30 – Familiarity and Identity: Dual Pathways to Self-Sabotage

Dan Munro rejoins Dr. G to discuss the concepts of familiarity and identity as twin threats to self-development. In an expansive dialogue, they explore: – The greater threat to development posed by someone’s “familiarity zone” compared to their “comfort zone”. – The distinction between familiarity and routine, and the constructive dimensions which positively set the latter apart. – The tipping


Inside the Mind of a Narcissist: Interview with Jacob Skidmore – The Nameless Narcissist

Jacob Skidmore, a.k.a The Nameless Narcissist, was officially diagnosed with Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) and was aware that something was off since early childhood. Since realising that narcissistic behaviour has damaged his own life as well as harmed others, Jacob has set out on a path of revelation and discovery, looking for a way to live that is more beneficial


The Shortest Path: How to Make Decisions that Guarantee Success

Want FREE ACCESS to my $200 Nice Guy Recovery online training course? Just fill out this quick 5min survey and I’ll send you access immediately!     In any given moment, a human being always has 2 things happening. One is that they have a goal, and two is that they are moving. How healthy that goal is, and how effectively they move


Communicating with Trolls: The Late Night Show with Mike and Dan

Brojo coaches Dan Munro and Mike Wells get together to chat randomly about all things related to difficult communication, especially trying to communicate with trolls and haters online, or dealing with forums and groups that have turned nasty. BROJO – Confidence and Integrity for Men! · [#230] Communicating with Trolls: The Late Night Show with Mike and Dan   Want


How To Stop Comparing Yourself To Others

Comparing yourself to other people is the shortest path to Hell. In this episode, we join Dan and the BROJO crew on a webinar call about how to measure yourself without comparison to other people. BROJO – Confidence and Integrity for Men! · [#198] How To Stop Comparing Yourself To Others   Dan’s Top Resources Books Dan has 3 bestselling


The Shocking True Story of How I Became A Nice Guy… and How I Recovered

Say goodbye to not feeling good enough with my Shamelessness course In an effort to rolemodel the value of shamelessness, I’ve created this mini-autobiography highlighting some of the key moments in my life that caused me to develop Nice Guy Syndrome, and then later to recover from it through discovering authentic self confidence. I explore – my early school experiences


10 Childhood Traumas that cause Nice Guy Syndrome

Discover masculine confidence with my Nice Guy Recovery course Being a nice guy is actually a form of mental illness. It’s the result of coping mechanisms we created in childhood and teen years to deal with traumatic events and painful situations. When good-hearted boys are faced with emotional harm and lack the tools to properly process, confront and deal with


The Upper Limit Problem: Is self sabotage actually helpful?

Say goodbye to not feeling good enough with my Shamelessness course In the book The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks, we are introduced to the “upper limit problem”, whereby people who should be more successful sabotage themselves, often subconsciously, due to fear of change and fear of success. Obviously, this seen to be a bad thing. Self sabotage is seen


Dealing with Your Inner Critic (Nice Guy Recovery)

That “not good enough” story in your head is common – we all experience it, yet we almost never talk about it. In this webinar, we challenge that inner critic, discuss how to live with it, and how to actually use it to make yourself more confident. If you’re a Nice Guy people pleaser who’s sick of that discouraging voice


The Late Night Show with Dan & Mike: How to Discipline and Balance Your Life

Coaches Dan and Mike from Brojo talk about the struggles they’ve had staying disciplined with exercise and eating healthy, and what tools they use to overcome issues like low motivation, procrastination, lifestyle imbalance, and outside interference. >> LISTEN TO THE EPISODE HERE << BROJO – Confidence and Integrity for Men! · [#225] The Late Night Show with Dan & Mike:



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