Finding Your Integrity: Core Values to Live By

Listen here: BROJO – Confidence and Integrity for Men! · [#243] Finding Your Integrity: Core Values to Live By   Show notes: Introduction Integrity definition The formula for integrity is core values By the end, you should know a draft of your values, how to live by them, and what behaviour change you could make today to become a bit


Endgame – Confidence Role Models

What does confidence look like? How can we tell if someone else is truly confident and worth modelling after? How do we know when we ourselves are becoming confident? In this session we look at the traits of truly confident vs those who are just pretending and other false flags. We’ll investigate real public figures like Russell Brand, Donald Trump,


Bravery and Courage: How to overcome fear and social anxiety

The videos I’ve been putting out the last few weeks are all excerpts from one overall conversation about bravery. In this podcast, I break down the different elements of courage to give you ideas on how you can apply this to your life to give yourself more opportunities and increase your self confidence. In this episode, we cover: Bravery is


Relationships for Dummies: Nice Guy marriage and relationship tips

We’re going to look at relationships and how these are affected by nice guy syndrome. We’ll explore how relationships are different for nice guys and what the unique challenges are. We’ll look at what makes a great relationship work, as well as what causes toxic relationships and divorces. We’ll compare long term relationships with marriage. We’ll explore the specific issues


The Struggle and Triumph of Living Authentically

Recently, I was honored to be featured once more on the excellent show The Stoic Handbook podcast hosted by Jon Brooks. In this episode, Jon Brooks and Sami ɱдгӄυȿ (Beyond Stoicism) speak to me, focusing on the importance of honesty in personal growth and the challenges of being authentic in a world that often values superficiality. We discuss my experiences


What is Social Confidence?

What is social confidence? It might be the most important skillset and mindset for life success and satisfaction. This is the biggest struggle I see, evidenced by dishonesty, depression and loneliness, social media validation begging, and dismal dating experiences. Most people are faking social confidence or not even able to do that. In this podcast we cover what it is,


Nice Guy Syndrome Psychology: A Complete Review

In this podcast episode, I break down some of the major psychological components that make up Nice Guy Syndrome. NGS is a cluster of different psychological disorders and struggles, and not every Nice Guy is the same. Some of these will apply to you, some won’t. This podcast should help you figure out what type of Nice Guy you are,


The Darkness That Comes Before: Managing the Manipulation from Your Own Mind

In the fantasy series “The Prince of Nothing” and “The Aspect Emperor” by R Scott Bakker, we are introduced to a concept called The Darkness that Comes Before. This describes the unknown place from where our urges and drives and decisions come from, that subconscious part of the brain that really calls the shots. In this podcast episode, I explore


Beyond Dating: The Green Pill integrity-based approach to finding your ideal partner

Introducing the Green Pill approach to dating and relationships In this podcast episode we’ll discuss about what I’m going to call the “Green Pill” approach to dating and relationships (as opposed to red pill or blue pill ideologies). I’ve named it that because green seems the right colour to signify integrity, growth, and nature / being natural. So with the


Debunking the Arguments Against Radical Honesty

In this podcast, I scoured the internet to find the most common arguments against honesty – the justifications for lying, manipulation, and keeping thoughts to yourself. I will address each of them with my counter arguments, including the most powerful cases I’ve ever seen: hiding Jews from the Nazis, and not telling a child that they’re about to die! BROJO


The Truth About Divorce: An Honest Look at Why 50% of Marriages Fail

Get your Daily Dose of Integrity with my FREE newsletter here: https://danthecoach.substack.com/ BROJO – Confidence and Integrity for Men! · [#236] The Truth About Divorce: An Honest Look at Why 50% of Marriages Fail   In the USA, divorce rates are 2.9/1000, meaning that 50% of all marriages end in divorce, averaging about 8 years before they crash. And USA


The Secret to What Women REALLY Want From a Man

Listen here! BROJO – Confidence and Integrity for Men! · [#235] The Secret to What Women REALLY Want From a Man Join The Integrity Army for free group coaching here: https://theinspirationallifestyle.com/the-integrity-army-free-group-coaching-with-dan-munro/ Men struggle in dating and relationships to identify what it is exactly that women want from them. We’re told a million different things about what’s attractive and what creates



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