Overcome social anxiety with the Who’s Next tactic

Whether I’m helping someone build their social circle or build their business, there’s this same fear that comes up for both.

It’s a kind of future-tripping overwhelm where you imagine all the potential relationships that you’ve got to create.

This is fear’s little trick to put you off even getting started. It makes you feel like you’re pressured to do so much – this huge impossible task- in order to stop you even taking a small step.

Luckily, there’s a strategy that works for dealing with this fear in both socializing and business. It’s what I just call “Who’s Next?”

Whenever you’re feeling overwhelmed about building your social circle or building a business, just ask yourself “Who’s next?”

Who’s the one person you should try to get in touch with next?

Whether it’s a brand new person to initiate a conversation with, or an established contact that you want to reconnect with, your only obligation is to reach out to that person and nothing more.

Give yourself permission to leave any future decisions until after you’ve made this contact.

2 Responses

  1. Remember, the simplest general tactic for being more courageous is to reduce the size of the action until it feels possible

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