Nice Guy or People Pleaser? Boost Your Confidence with a FREE Coaching Session!

Are you a Nice Guy or people pleaser who wishes they were more assertive, honest, and respected by others?

I’m Dan Munro, a former Nice Guy Syndrome sufferer turned confidence coach.

Since 2013, I’ve been helping people like you discover their integrity and apply it courageously to build deep and meaningful connections, get respected by others, and become the confident person you’ve always wanted to be.

✔ Imagine being able to speak your mind without caring how others will react or worrying if it’s the “right” thing to say, and being able to assertively stand up for yourself and your loved ones.

✔ Imagine never feeling the need to apologize for who you are and what you want, and being able to live carefree without shame or the “I’m not good enough” story in your head.

✔ Imagine going to bed knowing that you courageously took every opportunity available and that you have nothing to regret because you’re always clear on what you should do in every situation, and you’ve stopped being so harsh in your judgment of yourself.

I’m so confident in my ability to help you unleash your highest level of self worth that I offer a free session to good people like you who are interested in exploring coaching with me. No sales pitches or pressure or bullshit marketing, just my best efforts to bring out the authenticity in you that will turn your life around.

I will coach you like you’re already a paying client 🤑 I will hold nothing back.

In this one hour session, we will uncover your biggest barrier to acting with more confidence – whether it’s a lack of awareness (you don’t know what to do differently), or a lack of courage (you know what you should do but find it too intimidating). I will show you how to break through to changing your behaviour in a powerful way without feeling terrified or destroying everything you care about.

I’ve had some people find this first trial session so powerful that they simply didn’t need anything more after that – the session alone launched them into the highest level of confidence they’ve ever experienced! And if that’s the result you get that’s good enough for me!!

As one client put it:

🤯“This session did more for me than 3 years of therapy combined!” 😲

So if you’re tired of trying to keep everyone happy, and you’re sick of worrying what other people think of you, and you’re concerned that your avoidance of conflict is damaging your relationships, then come and talk to me for an hour.

Worst case scenario: you get to experience talking with someone who understands what you’re going through. I lived the Nice Guy life for decades, and I know that pain inside and out.

Best case scenario (and very likely): you will have mind-blowing insights about simple practical changes you will feel bold enough to try in the next 24 hours to significantly improve your confidence, relationships and career 🤯🤯🤯

All I ask is that you be honest, open to change, and willing to try something new. Why wait another 10 years to discover self-confidence when you could do it now?? 🥳

Fill out this brief form below to apply for a free trial coaching session (limited spaces each month, so please don’t procrastinate on this), and I’ll be in touch to book a Zoom call with you:


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