Powerful Honesty Course: Integrity, Confidence, and Healthy Relationships

Dan Munro is releasing a brand new Udemy course…
Powerful Honesty: Create More Integrity, Confidence, and Healthy Relationships

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There is only one thing standing in between you and your dreams of confidence, love and power: dishonesty.

Most people think of themselves as honest people, but unfortunately this is just another lie. They have yet to define integrity or give the word “authenticity” meaning that makes sense to them.

While you might not deliberately deceive people very often, you still build up shame and prevent connections from taking place with the other forms of dishonesty.

Types of dishonesty:
– Hiding your true thoughts and feelings to avoid confrontation
– Not speaking your mind to avoid being judged
– Not going for what you truly want in case it upsets someone else
– Pretending to feel fine so that other people don’t see your weaknesses
– Putting up with manipulation and abuse
– Telling little white lies to protect people’s feelings

The list goes on and on. Everyone knows they do these things, but what they often don’t know is that these behaviours are the CAUSE of most of their suffering.

Dishonesty is the direct or indirect cause of:
– Superficially unsatisfying connections and loneliness
– Conflict, resentment and hatred
– Misunderstandings and missed opportunities
– Low self-worth and confidence issues
– Social anxiety and depression
– Lack of meaning and purpose in life
– Abusive relationships and ongoing bullying
– Crime
– Addictions

Again, the list goes on and on. But this is actually good news!


Because if dishonesty is the CAUSE, then honesty and integrity is the CURE.

Since 2013, I’ve been coaching people (and myself) on how to become more honest, until they live with integrity consistently. Before that, I was a Probation Officer for the Department of Corrections, where I rehabilitated criminal offenders and drug addicts by helping them become more honest.

I’ve helped people build incredible levels of integrity in the workplace, create better relationships and friendships, boost confidence, develop superior communication skills, and discover the meaning of “connection”.

Literally 1000s of people have developed confidence, loving relationships, and satisfying careers from simply becoming a little more honest every single day. There is no doubt about it:

Honesty is the path to happiness.

In this course, I will show how to find the self-awareness and courage to become a fully honest person of integrity. We’ll start slow, make sure you can handle it, and build up from there. You’ll never have to go beyond what you can handle, but it will be uncomfortable at times, so prepare for that.

In this course you will learn:
– The difference between honesty and dishonesty so that you’re always aware of the truth (and can identify when others are lying)
– How to stop people-pleasing and become more assertive, so that people trust and respect you, and you get what you want out of life
– How to deliver honesty in a helpful way using the 5 Principles of Powerful Honesty, so that your truth is well-received by others
– How to overcome your fears around being honest and build courage and confidence from a deep inner place
– When to speak and when to stay silent, so that you build respectful balanced relationships and encourage others to be honest with you also
– How to stand up for yourself and demand respect without dominating people unfairly

Together, we will help you become an honest person that you’re proud to be.

Let’s get started…

Get it HERE: Powerful Honesty Course


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