New Building Rapport course launch – huge bonuses inside!

This week marks the launch of my brand new 5-hour feature, 41 lectures strong course on Udemy:

Building Rapport: Confident Conversations Without Small Talk

Build Deep, Meaningful Connections: Unlock the Secrets of Authentic Communication and Master Your Social Skills!

Keep scrolling to learn more about the course and score some MASSIVE launch week bonuses worth hundreds of dollars!

Today it’s only $19.99!

Tomorrow morning, and every 24 hours from now until the end of the week, the price will go up another $10, to help “encourage” you to avoid procrastinating on this deal xx

You can watch the first few videos of the course for free to see if it’s right for you.

Do you struggle to connect with people beyond small talk?

Have you ever watched someone effortlessly connect with strangers and wondered: HOW DO THEY DO IT?!

Good news: This kind of charm, authenticity, and courage CAN be learned.

You CAN become that person you’ve always admired.

In fact, just a few changes to your mindset and social behavior can bring an abundance of deep and meaningful connections.

This course teaches you how to confidently approach and talk to anyone you like, whenever you like, for the rest of your life – without being fake or manipulative.

Building Rapport guides you through the art of turning a stranger into a genuine friend; a friend into a lover; a lover into a life partner.

You’ll gain the ability to connect deeply with others in such a way that they immediately respect you, appreciate you, understand you, and want you in their life.

In this course, achieving conversational mastery is as straightforward as learning a new language or a martial art.

Even if you’re a socially anxious “white belt”, you’ll soon be armed with techniques and practical tools that help you feel confident and communicate easily with anyone.

What You Will Learn:

Advanced communication skills to build rapport and create deeper connections: Never worry about feeling lonely again, create a powerful social circle, and develop new relationships any time you want.

Powerful skills to overcome social anxiety and speak confidently to anyone: Your fears and insecurities are transformed into assets that connect you with others, rather than barriers that make conversations difficult and stressful.

Unlock your unlimited potential for healthy relationships and better communication: Enjoy the lasting sense of pride that only comes from building rapport with others and feeling in control of every social situation you’re in.

“Dan’s content is epic. It’s presented in a straightforward simple way, easy to follow, and logically sequenced. There’s no fluff or filler or b.s. – just what you need to know. The content is really on-point.”

Ash Dando

This course is designed for anyone who wants deeper connections:

Introverts who feel shy and struggle to get a word in when they don’t feel safe around new people.

Extroverts frustrated with being surrounded by superficial connections and wanting something deeper and more meaningful.

Salespeople and entrepreneurs wanting to combine selling with authenticity so that their clients are also friends and they don’t need to rely on manipulation to make their sales targets.

CEOs and managers who want to lead boldly and honestly and create a family team environment that isn’t superficial or forced.

Students, travellers and expats who find themselves in a new and unfamiliar (and intimidating) social environment and wish to quickly integrate and find new friends without seeming desperate or needy.

“Loving this course, I find it insightful, easy to follow, easy to implement, love Dans presentation style, come across like a virtual best mate from the pub, Would recommend this to anyone wishing to be more out going, more verbally expressive in the work place. Or any one who wishes to Network or expand their friend base.”

Lev Mooney

By the end of this course, you will:

Develop rapport-building techniques to connect with people on a deeper level leading to long-term friendships and relationships with high quality people.

Significantly improve your communication skills to convey your thoughts and ideas more effectively.

Understand how to build trust and credibility with others, leading to stronger personal and professional relationships.

Enhance your social confidence to comfortably interact with anyone, anywhere.

Know how to use nonverbal cues and body language to better connect with others through emotions and intentions.

Feel like a master of social connection and communication skills!

And so much more!

>>Enroll now to master the art of building rapport!

It helps me develop my connection and conversational skills (ie; Rapport). There’s a lot of new techniques and reiteration of old.

Paul McIntosh

Bonuses – limited time offer:

The first 5 people to buy get a free 1:1 coaching session worth $500!!

The first 25 people to buy get invited to rapport building live Q+A session with me.

The first 50 people to buy get another course of their choice for free, worth up to $150.

And the first 100 people to buy get a free copy of any one of my books.

The course comes with a 30-day no questions money back guarantee, so if you don’t like it, no risk for you!

So register for the discounted course ASAP here, and then email me to let me know that you’ve signed up. I’ll confirm how quickly you got in and send you the corresponding rewards!

Thanks for your support. You guys are going to get a LOT out of this course – this might very well be the most important skillset you’ll ever learn.

Stay tuned for free sample videos from the course coming out this week.




P.S. This course is free for all $19/month subscription members and 1:1 coaching clients. Just email me to get your access link. The smart ones out there will realise that they can sign up for membership to get this course and all the others for a fraction of the price!

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