Money! The CORRECT mindset to achieve “financial freedom”

In this video webinar, we tackle your limiting beliefs around money that cause you suffering and anxiety in relation to financial problems. If you want financial freedom that’s more about mindset than cash in the bank, you NEED to watch this.

Many of us are obsessed with achieving financial freedom, and yet most of us lack the correct mindset for how to make more money, or more importantly: manage our budget and approach to money. So we spend our time dreaming about how to get rich, reading books like “I will teach you to be rich” by Ramit Sethi or “Think and Grow Rich” by Napolean Hill, hoping to one day create passive income so that we never need to worry about money again.

But why do rich people still worry about money? How come the people who have actually achieved financial freedom still don’t seem to be free from the grip money has on their minds through fear and anxiety?

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