Dan Munro’s books

Dan Munro has been an author since 2013, and has published 4 full length non-fiction books, as well as numerous other shorter e-books. Browse below to check out his main titles. Munro focuses on topics of confidence, Nice Guy Syndrome, lifestyle design, and relationships.

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Nice Guy Coaching: What to expect

So, you’re a Nice Guy… If you’ve been doing some online research about Nice Guy Syndrome, or maybe read Dr Robert Glover’s book No More Mr Nice Guy (or similar), you might be starting to consider getting some support for making the changes you want to make. Identifying that you have Nice Guy Syndrome is half the battle, but if

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The Integrity Army: Group coaching with Dan Munro!

I’m now running a monthly LIVE group-coaching session that are free, but exclusive to my Daily Dose of Integrity paid subscribers (and my current coaching clients). In these sessions, you can either participate in or just observe HOT SEAT COACHING – this is where I coach people 1:1 in front of the rest of the group.   We cover all topics

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Buck Books

Get all your self-development books needs filled for less than $1 at Bucks Books.

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