Last Man Standing: The middle-aged loneliness problem

A friend of mine’s in his 40s now, and he was complaining about being the “last man standing”. He never got married or had kids, and now feels like all his friends have slowly disappeared.

I don’t know if this happens for women as much, but for men we start to lose our friendships as we get older. People build families; they start to spend all their time at home or doing family related stuff; they get obsessed with their career; and guys can get really lonely.

It’s one of those big unspoken illnesses that plagues society.

As I was speaking to my friend, I realized he had a limiting belief: that the friendships he’s formed in earlier life are the only ones available, that he’s too old, perhaps, or it’s too late to form new friendships.

If you can understand that this limiting belief is the real barrier to connecting, the real cause of loneliness, you’ll see that there are options.

Get out there, do hobbies, get involved in activities next to other men, and then invite those men into your life for a barbecue or whatever.

It’s that simple.

For more on this topic, check out my video “How to make new guy friends”

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  1. Martial arts, casual sports teams, car clubs – these are the kinds of places where it’s easy to create new male friendships

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