Kill Your Fantasy

Procrastination remains one of life’s biggest mysteries for most people.

You know you should do it, yet you just can’t seem to find the motivation, courage or time to follow through. Even though you beat yourself up every night because you didn’t do it, you repeat the procrastination day after day.

It’s time for you to explore why this is happening. It’s not a motivation problem. You already have enough courage to take action. You could make the time if you needed to.

The truth behind why you procrastinate is much deeper and darker than those surface excuses.

Come with me to explore your fantasies. Let’s look deeply into the story you paint for yourself, inside your mind, about the person you wish you were, the life you wish you had, and the way you wish other people behaved. Because it’s these fantasies that give birth to your hesitation.

You’re scared to face the truth that would come from engaging in action.

It’s time to kill the fantasy, before it’s too late.

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