Introducing the Green Pill approach to dating and relationships

I’ve got a new podcast episode coming out soon about what I’m going to call the “Green Pill” approach to dating and relationships (as opposed to red pill or blue pill ideologies).

I’d like to give you a quick introductory summary to the Green Pill approach (I’ve named it that because green seems the right colour to signify integrity, growth, and nature / being natural). And then, if you like it, you can check out the podcast when it comes out.

So with the Green Pill approach to dating you actually lose the word “dating” altogether because it’s too needy and full of desperation and transactional. It’s a complete paradigm shift away from getting something from other people.

Instead, you focus on socializing with integrity. The primary purpose is to impress yourself with valued living.

No more seduction techniques, hiding behind texting, sliding into DMs, online dating apps, setting up dates, or going to bars and clubs.

Instead you fill your week with hobbies and activities that fulfil you. You turn everything you love into a social event, and you focus primarily on being as honest and brave and transparent as you can be in those situations, even if it costs you the love of everyone in the room.

Rather than trying to “get” people and fit in or make them like you, you take the risk of losing everyone in order to be true to yourself.

But at the same time, you don’t sabotage potential connections with avoidant tactics or contrarian disagreeableness. You employ powerful honesty principles to attract the right kind of people and repel the wrong kind, all while primarily focusing on engaging in activities you enjoy.

If the honesty is loved, respected and reciprocated by someone you also like, then you invite them to join you in your life (but you don’t create new events just for them).

You keep doing that until you’re only surrounded by the best fit possible people, and of course, your shameless honesty will naturally escalate things romantically as well.

Podcast will be out soon!

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