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“What’s the difference between those with success and those without?”

I’m obsessed with this question. My search for the answers has become my life’s work. And by success I mean whatever you think is required to live a rich, meaningful life.

I worked with criminal offenders for over 7 years. This might seem like it’s off-topic, but bear with me here.

I helped to rehabilitate gang members, murderers and thieves. People who hurt others, themselves, and stayed stuck in harmful patterns of behaviour.

As time went on, my judgments started to subside, and I came to realise something: these people are not that different from you and I.

They were just more extreme in their unhelpful behaviour.

The tough part was that I could see them reflected in myself. Just like them, every day I was engaging in behaviours that took me away from the life I wanted:


I procrastinated on the important tasks

 I let fear hold me back from doing what I knew to be right

I tried to please people rather than live by my values

I missed out on countless opportunities because I was worried how other people might judge me


Was I really any better than they were? Or was I living a life that fell far short of my potential?

How about you? Do you ever feel that you are holding back, that you could be doing so much more?


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In my own way, I used to be an offender too! I engaged in bad behaviour. It might not have hurt people directly, like my clients did, but people were missing out on the best of me.

We ALL engage in actions that do not help us. We all hold back from doing things that will benefit the world.

The good news is, at any time you choose you can change this. You can change NOW.

I’ve learned how to stop those behaviours that hid my greatness from the world, like people-pleasing, trying to impress others, and being shameful about my true self. I’ve learned how to tap into my highest potential and unleash a limitless version of my identity. I want to show you what I’ve learned.

Hold yourself to account when no one else does, so that you get your goals achieved

Let go of other peoples’ judgments and live free from worrying about what others think, so that you do what is best for your life and those who are affected by you

Live by your core values and always feel certain that you’ve done what you were supposed to do; the “right” thing

Recognise and take advantage of the opportunities presented to you every day to gain wealth, wisdom, social adventure

Create a rich and meaningful life, with a confident mindset that you wouldn’t swap with anyone

Click here to listen to recordings of previous sessions in the Inner Circle archive

Because now it’s time to stop playing small.

What’s behind most hurtful or unhelpful behaviour? Confidence barriers.

Confidence is the key to ALL success. No matter what you want, it’s believing you are capable of getting it, and being highly motivated, that will guarantee results.

Courage and Desire; if you can control these two aspects of your mind, the world is your playground.

So in my mission to give the world it’s confidence back, I’ve decided to bring everyone I can together to talk about it. I’ve found through running group workshops that each of us can provide answers to others.

Together, we can break through confidence barriers and learn how to be authentic.

Together, we can find the courage to be ourselves and stop letting petty social fears hold us back.



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In this series of interactive weekly meetups, we will discuss how to achieve a confident mindset without needing anyone or anything. I will facilitate powerful conversations on:


mindfulness and the power of being present (removes anxiety, depression and stress)

– how to break down the “impossible” into achievable actions (complete goals easily)

– knowing thy self: authenticity, what it is and how to live by your values (always feel proud of yourself)

– the power of internal language, mastering your mind’s dialogue to reduce self-sabotage (stop talking yourself out of taking action)

– understanding fear and overcoming it (remove all limits to your reality)

confrontation and assertiveness, how to hold your boundaries without emotional conflict (stand up for yourself)

And SO MUCH more…

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Weekly conference calls that you can access by phone or online, anonymous or interactive (your choice). 12pm Friday New Zealand time; 6pm Thursday EST.

Each class will consist of a webinar/phone discussion on a specific topic, with focus on topics like maintaining boundaries, letting go of what other people think of you, and creating a career based on your passions.

There will also be 15 mins of Q+A where I answer your personal questions and allow you to discuss with each other. Finally, you will be given action plans you can choose to implement what we’ve discussed. This way you get to see real results, every single week!

Each class will be recorded so that you can review and re-learn at any time (in case you miss it).

And if that’s not enough, you’ll also get exclusive access to the weekly VIP resources that usually I save for my 1:1 coaching clients, and a free copy of my book The Legendary Life.


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Here’s a webinar I hosted with professor Dr Carol Morgan on what to do when life gets tough, check it out here:

The Confident Mindset Inner Circle is for people who:

  • Are ready to transform their lives through overcoming fear and taking action
  • Have a desire to make the world a better place
  • Are ready to let go of beliefs and behaviours that have not been helping them
  • Keen to be authentic and shameless

Who it’s NOT for:

  • People stuck in the Victim mindset, blaming the world for their issues
  • People wanting a quick fix and don’t believe in taking action
  • People unwilling to leave their comfort zone
  • People who don’t want to contribute to the success of others

Click here to listen to recordings of previous sessions in the Inner Circle archive

It’s time to step up and develop the mindset that separates those who live in the world from those who ROCK the world. You will see results.

You can back out at any time, so what is there to lose?


Only $25 per month
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Don’t like it after your first one? You get your money back, no questions asked. This programme is exclusively for people who get value out of it, so you can try it out before committing.


Here’s what clients I’ve worked with have to say:


“I came out of an unfulfilling career and Dan has helped me navigate through that and into a better place. I am definitely on my way to beginning my coaching business. Dan is a great communicator who is very encouraging and helpful with goals. Dan always provides great support even outside our sessions. This was definitely worth the financial investment for me. In fact I don’t really think about the money I spent. I just focus on all the value I’m getting and how it’s helping me to improve my life. “

– Mike Felber


“I have a lot more confidence and no longer live my life to please other people. My life is so much better now – I do what I want, because I want to do it – not to please others or because I think that is what someone else wants. I feel I have wasted much of the last 35 years of my life trying to please everyone else and hating myself in the process. I feel now I can start to live my life for me without the constant self-criticism and self hatred. Money could never buy the way I feel now. Thank you so much for that Dan. Have a chat to this guy – I found him down-to-earth, easy to work with and incredibly talented at what he does.”

– Tracy Armitage


“Half way through Dan’s book ‘Driven’ I desperately wanted an introduction session which convinced me to do a 6 month coaching program. If Dan’s ideas and coaching would be subject at school, the world would be a better place. I believe there wouldn’t be that many frustrated people outside with so many weird behaviors. Personally speaking for myself, it was the best money I have invested so far. I highly recommend his books, work and coaching.”

– Daniel Traeger


“[The Programme] has me feeling like nothing is out of my reach. [Dan] helped me figure out what I want from life, without limits… I loved the exercise where everything is broken down into manageable steps that I can control… it’s challenging but positive – makes achieving goals and dreams realistic”

Click here to see a detailed testimonial from Steph after she completed the full programme.

– Steph O’Neale


“Hiya Dan, I just wanted to let ya know your way of doing things has worked like magic!

I can now have coffee, eat dinner and do anything on my own without feeling anxious, presentations are going really well and I have stepped it up to present to a big group of bankers in a few weeks….. I joined two networking groups on my own and made some excellent contacts, and getting heaps better at going in cold to situations!!!! Honestly since our session it’s like magic!

I owe you a beer my friend! Thanks very much for your tools and words of wisdom”

– Nicola Pirie


“[I came to Dan] because I wanted a change in career. He helped me focus on that change and broke it down in to manageable bites. I feel I have more time for people and to do things, using time more effectively, not panicking when I am busy. Give [Dan] a try, have the initial assessment and see if he is the right fit for you.”

– Chris Vernon



“The changes I have made since before I had coaching to now: quit a job I hated, went back to uni, for the most part quit drinking and gained hobbies like baking, writing and boxing (my hobby used to be drinking). The changes internally are equally dramatic. I used to be obsessed with my weight and now I don’t use a scale. I used to think my dreams of travelling and being a writer were ridiculous and now I believe I can do achieve them and I’m moving to Europe in 3 months. The benefits from the time with Dan are priceless.”

– Bree Logue


“Dan’s straight forwardness and specifics were refreshing as insightful. At 58 years old and recently unemployed I was frustrated and stuck. Dan’s gentle but firm manner coaxed me along till I had a grasp of the direction I wanted to head and next actions to take. I am most comfortable working with Dan, he speaks to my heart and professional side as one in the same. I love integrating my life to be one and the same. I believe this is where Dan shines, he is authentic and best of all leads by example.”

Click here to see the full testimonial from Kater

– Kater Danford


“To have coaching sessions with Dan is so much more than setting and achieving goals, it’s about facing your fears and answering questions you didn’t even know you had. While you may come in feeling hopeful with a dream and a rough plan, you will leave feeling empowered and like YOU ARE on top of the world. He will not perform miracles or tell what to do, however he will prove that YOU CAN do anything you set your mind to and that there are no limits aside from the ones you set for yourself.”

– Gabriela Motoi


“As a typical nice guy with low self confidence, Dan and his coaching has made a phenomenal impact on my life and has hugely increased my self confidence. He is understanding and listens to what you want and guides in the direction you want to go. I highly recommend his courses and his coaching.”

– Anthony Zhou



Only $25 per month
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3X Your Confidence for better relationships and high self-worth.