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For those of you who missed one of these sessions, or want to get a taste of the Inner Circle before joining, check out the individual audio recordings here:

Confident Mindset Inner Circle #1: VALUES

Values are how we live authentically. You are born with a basic sense of your values, deep down. These are then distorted and covered with lies and fear as you grow up, based on your misunderstandings and the beliefs others impose on you.

Living by your core values is the secret to waking up each day feeling awesome. If you can live by your values you will find your self-worth increase every single day.

Not living by your values sends a message that you are not good enough. That whatever it is that makes you YOU is somehow bad and wrong. It’s time to stop sending yourself this message.

In this session we spoke about how to identify your values, and live by them.

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Confident Mindset Inner Circle #2: AUTHENTIC DECISIONS

Knowing “the right thing to do” can be tricky. When fear, anxiety or comfort kicks in, quite often we make decisions that we later regret.

Having a clear idea of what your values are is one thing; consistently living by them is another. Yet making the right decisions for you is how you achieve a lifetime of authenticity and confidence.

In this session we talk about how to know what the “right” thing to do is, at any time, so that you feel proud of yourself rather than remorseful.

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Confident Mindset Inner Circle #3: EXPECTATIONS

Whether or not you are happy and confident depends on a very simply concept: expectations. When our expectations are met, we feel good. When they aren’t, we can feel disappointed, betrayed, upset or offended.

Yet have we ever stopped to question why we have expectations, and where they come from? Knowing what you believe should happen, and questioning the logic of it, can change your entire perception of the world. Imagine never feeling disappointed again!

In this session we spoke about how to manage your expectations, to ensure that your happiness and confidence is not in the hands of others.

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Confident Mindset Inner Circle #4: CONFRONTATIONS

If you want to be authentic, to live by your values without fail, then you must expect confrontation. The only alternative is to be alone. Because everyone has a different perspective on the world, which means your values will come into confrontation with others.

Confrontation is how you maintain boundaries. If you want your values to be respected, and for your frame to be accepted, then you will need to maintain your boundaries through stepping bravely into confrontation.

In this session we spoke about how to have confrontations without creating enemies or losing your cool.

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Confident Mindset Inner Circle #5: MIND READING

Mind reading is the tendency all humans have to try and guess what other people are thinking. We use this to assess social risk. We observe peoples’ behaviour and make assumptions as to the motives, thoughts and beliefs behind that behaviour.

Most people adjust their own behaviour according to mind reading. We do what we think will be most effective to getting what we want, based on the assumed thoughts we attribute to others.

In this podcast-style lecture I talk about how to stop worrying about what other people think of you.

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Confident Mindset Inner Circle #6: GOAL SETTING

A goal is a benchmark to aim towards, with a basic action-plan to get there. Achievement of goals is a by-product of living by your values. Therefore an effective goal must be aligned with your authentic values, or else you will never gain any satisfaction from achieving it.

Without a plan for your action, you will be aimless. Aimlessness leads to powerlessness. By this we mean FEAR.

In this session we talked about how to set goals that will be achieved.

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