I’m not perfect

Every now and then I’ll share something I’m struggling with my clients. I try to be open and honest in my sessions. And their response is quite often surprise!

I’ve come to realize that because I’m always putting out content like this – giving advice and guidance that people actually do find quite helpful and effective – it can give the impression that I’ve got everything sorted out.

I can see why someone might get the impression that I don’t fuck up, like I don’t make many mistakes and errors, and I don’t have problems in my life.

I just wanted to point out that’s very much not true!

While I’m certainly a much improved version on my previous self, I’m far from perfect. Very far.

Yes, I quit alcohol and drugs, but I struggle to resist eating sugar when I’m stressed.

Within 5 minutes of advising a client on how to confront his partner effectively I can still say something impulsive and thoughtless to my wife.

My business would be doing a lot better if I was more consistent at applying my own principles of financial management.

My particular strength – the reason I can coach and create content that helps people – is I’m very good at analyzing why a problem happened and what the solution is. But my weakness is actually preventing that problem from happening. I’m forced by my nature to be a trial-and-error guy.

I still frequently get it wrong. I’m just good at sharing the lesson to others.

For more on this topic, check out my video “Perfect vs Good enough… which is better in real life?”

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  1. On the day of writing this I was in the dogbox for lacking compassion, and rightly so. Don’t try to copy me, just learn from my mistakes!

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