I wanna give you $1,660

OK, obviously the headline is a bit of an attention-grabber. But technically it’s true.

No, I won’t be mailing you a check, but I do want to give you over $1,600 worth of my content and material as a reward and thanks for supporting me by becoming a monthly membership subscriber. You’d be supporting me to find the time to keep pumping out content and courses.

All you need to do is become a paid subscriber to my Daily Dose of Integrity newsletter << click here (ONLY $19 USD / month, quit easily any time).

All of the bonuses and rewards listed below come with the subscription and you can access them for as long as you’re subscribed.


Free access to ALL my courses ($800 value)

You can choose any course of mine and go through it at your leisure.

A free copy of ALL of my books ($160 value)

I currently have 4 full books published, covering all my best material in-depth and specific to your needs.

  • The Legendary Life: Build the Motivation and Confidence to Create an Authentic Lifestyle
  • Nothing to Lose: Using Curiosity to Destroy Hesitation, Procrastination and Limiting Beliefs
  • The Naked Truth: Using Shameless Honesty to Enhance Your Confidence, Connections and Integrity
  • Nice Guy Syndrome Recovery: A realistic and practical guide for transforming a people pleaser into a confident beast

You get ALL of them with this offer (e-book/Kindle versions, or audiobook version available on request for some titles) and you can keep them forever!


Access to The Integrity Army monthly Q+A call ($200 value)

Once per month I host an exclusive invitation-only group coaching event on Zoom.

You can either participate and get coached on the “hot seat”, or you can just watch and learn as others are coached. We usually do a general Q+A session at the end as well.

Plus, if you’re part of the group but can’t make the session live, you get sent the recording afterwards!

Some of the topics we cover include:

  • discovering your Core Values to create a compass that gives you certainty in all your decisions
  • building a social circle and dating life without pretending to be someone you’re not
  • developing your career to ensure it’s exciting, satisfying, and suited to your passions and preferences
  • creating a more fulfilling, respectful and honest relationship with your partner
  • increasing your self confidence and integrity by revealing the psychological hacks to courage, responsibility and self-respect
  • learning to identify and manage manipulation from other people so that you can’t be hurt by bullies and narcissists

and so much more!

Here’s an example of a session in action:

A complimentary 1:1 coaching session ($500 value)*

Sometimes, a single session with me can change your life in a way that years of therapy, courses, books and workshops can’t even do. I’m not exaggerating.

Buy one of my courses and you can get an hour with me, no obligations or hidden agendas. Then you might be saying stuff like this too:

“It’s no longer just wishful thinking that one day I might be able to improve myself and my life, it’s now an exciting journey that’s become my reality.”
Emma Jessop

“Since engaging Dan, my quality of life has markedly improved. Worth. Every. Penny.”
Nick Hanlon

“Since coaching I’m doing things I never had confidence doing before. I feel more equipped to deal with situations that used to daunt me.”
Angie McQuillin

“Coaching with Dan brought my confidence along heaps and helped me to feel much more comfortable in myself, which was exactly what I was looking for.”
Daniel Morgan

“I am now living my life in a much more confident way because I don’t worry if people like me as much anymore. I love this man’s work.”
Emmanuel Ventura

“The quality of my life is significantly better since I started the coaching. Do it, it might sound strange, but it helps having some one show you where you might be stuck.”
Mahran Sujau

“I have a lot more confidence and no longer live my life to please other people. My life is so much better now.”
Tracy Armitage

Terms and Conditions

Access to the courses and the Integrity Army group coaching only continues while you are a paid subscriber.

The complimentary coaching session is not available for people who have already had a free session with me in the past. It is also contingent on you completing a full application form. There is no pressure or obligation to continue with paid coaching afterwards. Once you’ve booked the session, you are entitled to it even if it occurs on a date after you end your subscription.

No refunds, unless I fail to deliver these bonuses and rewards.

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