How YOU Can Survive Cancel Culture

Cancel culture is one of the latest trends in online bullying, and now normal everyday people are having their careers destroyed by internet trolls. In the above video, we look at how cancel culture has affected everyone, from my quiet little coaching clients through to huge stars like comedian Louis CK.

If you want to learn how to survive cancel culture, or even cancel cancel culture in the long term, you need to learn how to be honest. So honest, in fact, that no one can ever manipulate you, or bully you online, ever again.

You need to learn how to protect your career, whether you’re a manager, a web developer, a social media influencer, or even just a humble tradesman! No one is completely safe from internet trolls who are bored and get off on hurting innocent people.

Let’s talk about how to protect your career and avoid being cancelled by mistakes in your past.

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